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Car Lift

Nandan offers wide range of car scissor lifts that are the perfect choice for those customers who have limited bay space or restricted height in their garage or service department. Nandan manufactures a complete line of full rise, low rise, and mid rise Single Scissor Car Lift with wide variety of sizes and weight capacities.

Car Turntables

Nandan manufactures a variety of auto promotion and auto display equipment, including, car display ramps, rotating auto turntables, driveway turntable or garage turntable for car parking garage & car showrooms.

Hydraulic Column Tail Lifts

Nandan GSE Hydraulic Column Tail Lifts are designed for Medium & Large Commercial Vehicles ranging from 4 to 12 Ton GVW. Lifting capacity of upto 2000 kgs, is offered where there is limited space under the chassis.

Rotary Carousal Storage

Nandan GSE designs carousal storage systems that helps to store more material in the vertical space rather than horizontal. Quick storage and retrieval and computeriation is the hallmark of this product.

Stack Parking

Nandan’s Stack Parking system (Dual Poles stack parking system) is ideal for doubling the parking capacity in private residences or for concierge or valet parking in commercial properties. The car stacker is fully galvanized making it suitable for internal or external use.


Nandan dock leveller is in various capacity and sizes which will be helpful in order to loading and unloading material from trucks. It is placed in exterior area i.e in loading bay. It is connection bridge between loading area and vehicle. It is adjustable according vehicle height.

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Nandan GSE, founded in 1991, is one of the rare firms in India to surpass 3 levels of ISO Certification – ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018. A leading designer and manufacturer of Specialized Material Handling Systems used in Aviation GSE, Aerospace, Defense, Material Handling, Car Parking, etc. Nandan GSE proudly adheres to the “Make in India, Deliver Worldwide” philosophy.
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